The following are people I have direct experience dealing with and who I feel I can recommend without any reservations:

Mike Mattera:

The best Mastercam video training you can get anywhere at any price. I own all of Mike's Mastercam X video CD's (over $1000 worth by now). I've seen most of the other Mastercam video training. No one even comes close. Mike is so good that CNC Software hired him to redo what use to be lousy training for Mastercam University. If I still lived in Phoenix, Arizona I would enroll and take all of the classes Mike teaches at GateWay Community College.

Tips For Manufacturing

Randy Rauh:

The best video training you can buy for DP Technology Esprit. Randy is natural teacher with a unique no B.S. opinionated style that always makes me smile. Randy has spent many years using, supporting and teaching Esprit.

CAM Wizard

John Kanney:

The best video training you can buy for Delcam Featurecam. John also did the best webinar I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in on for any product. Wonderful style, very clear and concise presenter. John is a former SmartCAM user who knows what good CAM software should be and understands the value of real toolpath editing. In addition to being an exceptional teacher, John is a very good listener.

Featurecam Videos 

Federico Libertini:

An AE who works for Delcam Featurecam. Years of no B.S support on the Delcam Featurecam forum. Makes no excuses for the many problems that Featurecam suffers from and always makes an attempt to help in an honest way. Very knowledgeable about the product. Has worked very closely with the main developer of Featurecam and I'm sure this has helped him to understand how things work behind the scenes. Now working in SoCal as Delcam tries to build up market share here. Based on many of the backstabbing, two faced jerks I know in SoCal he's a breath of fresh air.

Dr. T. R. Kannan:

Product Manager for Feature Recognition and NestLib at Geometric. Willing to discuss Geometric's feature recognition and suggest new ideas for its use on blogs. His suggestion of "on the fly feature recognition" for holes needs to be implemented in all direct modelers. That this has not take place yet shows how far direct modeling still has to go.

Feature Recognition

Will Gaffga:

Technical writer who use to work for Gibbscam. Will Gaffga created almost all of  Gibbscam's technical product manuals. I've unfortunately had to deal with Gibbscam's lousy management who doesn't give a "s" for over 15 years now and Will Gaffga is the only person I have ever communicated with at Gibbscam who wasn't a complete "a" hole.

When we talked on the phone I frequently complained to Will about the lack of coverage in certain areas in Gibbscam technical manuals and he was always willing to listen and take constructive criticism. Budget was always the problem that he and I ended up discussing because Gibbscam management never wanted to spend any money fixing the lack of coverage in Gibbscam manuals, going with a much more modern format for their product documentation, creating quality video training, creating extensive tutorials, etc.... the answer was always the same no budget to do it.

With a very limited budget and horrible management Will did an outstanding job creating manuals for Gibbscam. How he ever lasted as long as he did working with a complete moron like Robb Weinstein,  I'll never understand. The link below shows the product manuals Will Gaffga created for Gibbscam:

Will Gaffga's Gibbscam Product Manuals

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