Product Documentation


One of the main reasons why a product like SolidWorks stays on top, even though it has become dated in so many ways, is product documentation. I have never seen history based CADCAM product documentation that comes even remotely close to the quality of the official SolidWorks reseller training manuals.

In the coming weeks I'm going to be posting examples on this page of just how much better SolidWorks reseller training manual documentation is compared to their competition.


  1. I agree that SW documentation is very well done... but they are not alone... Unigraphics NX, which is a far bigger stuff is also very well documented now.

    Siemens PLM is doing an outstanding job adding animated pictures, videos and screenshots. The also use a very didactic approach explaining you the functionality and why and when it is worth to use it.

    Vericut is also a very well documented software, and I'm sure they beat NCSimul in every aspect concerning documentation.

    In regards Mastercam, although we do not agree on this point, I've seen many improvements in Mastercam documentation in the recent years...

    I look forward to start the TopSolid evaluation to evaluate their documentation. Form what I've seen so far, it seems good...


  2. After paying maintenance to SolidWorks, they also want you pay the reseller for training. Where are the user manuals?

  3. Anonymous,

    Suggest you do what I did and hit ebay and purchase the official SolidWorks training manuals that SolidWorks VAR's use for expensive training classes. I think I paid $30 for each training manual which was well worth the price. I didn't get the most current version of these training manuals because the older ones were much cheaper.

  4. Daniel,

    SolidWorks training manuals that their VAR's use for expensive training classes are far better than what TopSolid 7 currently has.

    You are correct that Vericut manuals are a lot better than NC Simul manuals. I'm still waiting for NC Simul control manuals and I have stopped my evaluation of NC Simul until I get the control manuals that I asked for weeks ago.

    You are also correct that we don't agree on Mastercam's documentation. I think Mastercam does a very poor job with documenting their product and I have seen zero improvement in the Mastercam .pdf Reference manual in X5.